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Obesity on the RIse
Published on: 12/30/2019
The world will have more than 250 million obese kids by 2030, a new report warns
That alarming prediction, published Wednesday in NEJM, was the result of a study analyzing 26 years of self-reported body mass index (BMI) data from over six million American adults.
Considering the challenges of battling weight loss, that's devastating news for the future health of our nation.

"Given how notoriously difficult obesity is to treat once it's established, you can see that we're in an untenable situation," said Aviva Must, chair of Tufts University's Public Health and Community Medicine, who was not involved in the study.
"The societal cost is high," she said, "both in terms of obesity-related health consequences and healthcare expenditures which could bring us to our knees."
'Diabetes Burnout' Is Real, Here's How to Cope
Published on: 12/30/2019
Living with diabetes -- especially if you need insulin to survive -- is a never-ending job that can be life-threatening if done wrong. That constant daily stress can lead to "diabetes burnout," a new study says.
Top 10 Cities with the Greatest Disparity in Adult Diabetes
Published on: 12/30/2019
According to the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, diabetes affects an estimated 29.1 million people in the United States and is the seventh leading cause of death.
Prediabetes Now Common Among Teens and Young Adults
Published on: 12/17/2019
New government research delivers some concerning news for U.S. teens -- almost 1 in 5 has prediabetes.

Young adults fared even worse -- 1 in 4 of those aged 19 to 34 have prediabetes, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report found.
Diabetes Treatment Often Unaffordable
Published on: 12/2/2019
While the high price of insulin has gotten a lot of attention lately, it's not the only cost issue facing people with diabetes. New technologies designed to improve blood sugar management often cost too much for people to afford
Millions Of Diabetes Patients Are Missing Out On Medicare’s Nutrition Help
Published on: 11/22/2019
Louis Rocco has lived with diabetes for decades but, until he met with a registered dietitian in August, he didn’t know eating too much bread was dangerous for him.
“I’m Italian, and I always eat a lot of bread,” he said. After two hour-long visits with a dietitian — including a session at his local grocery store in Philadelphia — Rocco, 90, has noticed a difference in his health.
Candice Walker: My Journey to Great Health
Published on: 11/22/2019
Candice Walker, or CJ as she is called, journey began in March of 2019 when a routine doctor’s appointment and blood work revealed she had diabetes
World Health Organization to Begin Testing and Approving Generic Insulin
Published on: 11/22/2019
With insulin prices skyrocketing and substantial shortages developing in poorer countries, the World Health Organization said on Wednesday that it would begin testing and approving generic versions of the drug.
DSME Mini-grants
Published on: 10/28/2019
Diabetes Self-Management Education/Support Committee
2019 DSMES Funding Opportunity
Child Obesity on the Rise Worldwide
Published on: 10/14/2019
More than 250 million school-aged children and adolescents will be classed as obese by 2030, putting huge pressure on healthcare systems, a new report on childhood obesity warns.
Nevada Fines Rx Manufactureres $17 Million
Published on: 10/14/2019
Companies failed to explain rate hikes
Seven Stages of Diabetes Grief
Published on: 10/14/2019
When you are faced with the news that your child has diabetes...
Virginia Department of Health's Presentation at VDC Membership Meeting
Published on: 9/13/2019
The attached is the Virginia Department of Heath's presentation entitled "Protecting Health, Promoting Wellbeing"
Board and Leadership Retreat
Published on: 9/26/2019
Leadership volunteers planning the future of VDC.
Moving Care Upstream
Published on: 9/25/2019
Kelly Browning doesn’t wait for Lyle Marcum to come to the door. She knocks and then pushes the glass door open, like she’s been there many times before.
Lyle stays where he is, sitting on a brown love seat, the TV on, and he calls for his dog, Lyla. “Get over here!” She’s running, excited, back and forth, her collar jingling until Kelly finds a leash, connects it to Lyla and slides the rope’s handle over a closet door knob.
Statewide Survey Report
Published on: 9/25/2019
Interest and Barriers to Telehealth Delivery of DSMES and National DPP in Virginia
Halloween Can Be A Scary Time
Published on: 9/25/2019
HALLOWEEN CAN BE A scary time – and not just for the ghosts and ghouls that come out at night.
If you have diabetes, all the extra sugar that’s part of the festivities can lead both children and adults into temptation overload
Fall General Meeting Agenda
Published on: 9/4/2019
Please join us for the Annual General Meeting.
Managing Diabetes at School
Published on: 8/19/2019
Goodbye, summer. Hello, homework. And guess what—the first assignment isn’t for kids. Parents, make a game plan to ensure all the bases are covered for your child’s diabetes care at school.
Back to School with Diabetes
Published on: 8/19/2019
For the parent of a child with diabetes, a little extra thought goes into every school day: What supplies will my child need? Who can help in an emergency? Here are answers to some big questions about sending your child off to school:
July 2019 Telehealth Presentation
Published on: 7/23/2019
Visit this page to access the presentation from the July 17, 2019 Telehealth presentation, featuring:
Expansion of Diabetes Care in Virginia through Telehealth

Schools Committee Update

DSMES Committee Update

VDC: Exploring Collaboration in Virginia
School Nurses - Working for a Safer Future for our Children
Published on: 7/22/2019
A passion for diabetes education, and for helping people who have diabetes, led Jackie McManemin to the Virginia Diabetes Council Schools Committee.

As a certified diabetes educator and a registered nurse, working in the Fairfax County Health Department, Jackie understood the critical need to have a comprehensive, systematic approach to manage students with Type 1 diabetes in the school system.
Why Should Your Nonprofit Advocate? Advocacy helps your nonprofit meet its mission.
Published on: 7/20/2019
Through advocacy efforts you can help others by, among other ways:
Preventing loss of resources – you might be able to stop a proposal to slash funding that would hurt the communities you serve;
Lowering barriers to broaden access to important services – you might be able to increase the staffing for a particular government agency (e.g., instead of being open just 20 hours a week to the public it can remain open for 30 hours, allowing more people to be served);
Illuminating real community needs – you might be able to shine the light on a particular social problem that has been ignored, allowing policy makers to see the problem and then address it.
Becoming A MDPP Supplier
Published on: 7/20/2019
Advice on Becoming a MDPP Supplier
July Tele-helath Web Ex Powerpoint Presentation
Published on: 7/18/2019
Please see the Powerpoint presentation here.
Interview with Joyce Green Pastors
Published on: 7/5/2019
Her Grandmother's struggle with diabetes lead to an interest in nutrition and her life's work in diabetes education. Read more about Joyce's journey, and her commitment to be part of the diabetes solution and her exciting work as a leader with the Virginia Diabetes Council.
Insulin Resource Guide
Published on: 7/1/2019
Please see this helpful new guide developed by the Pharmacy COI!
Pathway Scientist Discovers Links between Sense of Smell and Body Weight
Published on: 7/1/2019
The brain is responsible for sensing, coordinating, and responding to all sorts of cues in our bodies and our environments. We have long appreciated the role that the sense of smell plays in our selection and enjoyment of food. However, a new study shows that, at least in mice, the sense of smell is actually linked to how the body controls energy balance, influencing both obesity and insulin resistance—key risk factors for type 2 diabetes.
How to Talk with Someone Who Has Diabetes
Published on: 7/1/2019
When you live with a chronic illness like diabetes, living life sometimes can seem hard. The constant monitoring of your blood sugar, weighing and counting all your food can seem time consuming and overwhelming. Not to mention the constant worry about complications lingering in the back of your mind. The stress alone of living with diabetes can be exhausting.
VDC July Webinar
Published on: 6/26/2019
Learn about the expansion of telehealth in Virginia
Advanced Diabetes Management 101
Published on: 6/25/2019
Therapies and Technology
Educating School Nurses about Diabetes: A Priority in Virginia
Published on: 6/4/2019
Lions Clubs International Foundation Approves Grant for Diabetes Education at Northern VA Elementary Schools.
Expanding Access to Diabetes Education for Medicare Patients
Published on: 5/28/2019
The US House and Senate considering a bill to expand coverage.
Late Onset Type 1 Diabetes Difficult to Identify
Published on: 5/28/2019
Study found misdiagnosis of type 1 common, with half of those misdiagnosed still being treated as though they had type 2 diabetes 13 years later.

Late-onset type 1 diabetes can be difficult to identify. Measurement of endogenous insulin secretion using C-peptide provides a gold standard classification of diabetes type in longstanding diabetes that closely relates to treatment requirements. This study aimed to determine the prevalence and characteristics of type 1 diabetes defined by severe endogenous insulin deficiency after age 30 and assess whether these individuals are identified and managed as having type 1 diabetes in clinical practice.
CNN Heros
Published on: 5/28/2019
Inspired by a sick customer, a diner owner enlists volunteers to feed those who can't make it to her restaurant.
Beating the Diabetes Odds
Published on: 5/28/2019
Beating the Diabetes Odds:

"I just got mad."

Learn about Daryl Gillespie's journey to a healthier, happier life.
Early Signs of Type 2 Diabetes
Published on: 5/28/2019
What Are the Early Signs of Type 2 Diabetes?

Read this great article by Nicole Galan and learn more about:

Early signs and symptoms
Importance of early diagnosis
Risk factors
The Rules of Communication in a Bold New World
Published on: 4/29/2019
Dave Saunders, Chief Idea Officer at Madison + Main, gives an interactive presentation about the development of communication, and how much things have changed over a relatively short, three decades. Dave’s presentation included thoughts on the web 1.0 to 4.0
Spring General Meeting
Published on: 4/18/2019
Agenda for Spring General Meeting
New Developments in Diabetes
Published on: 4/16/2019
Diabetes affects the everyday lives of more than 100 million people living in the US.

Diabetes is a complex disease that affects the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin, a hormone that helps regulate blood sugar.

“One of the most exciting areas where I think we’ll see diabetes research and treatment expanding is to the microbiome.”

New scientific advances are making the chronic condition easier to treat. New insights into how exactly the disease works could also offer different ways to treat it.

We asked 2 Cedars-Sinai diabetes experts for predictions on where the field will go next and reflections on their own diabetes research. Richard Bergman, PhD is the director of the Diabetes and Obesity Research Institute. Dr. Ruchi Mathur is an endocrinologist and director of the Diabetes Outpatient Teaching Education Center.
Diabetes treatment in 2025: can scientific advances keep pace with prevalence?
Published on: 4/16/2019
Despite the known benefits of a healthy lifestyle, many individuals find it hard to maintain such a lifestyle in our modern world, which facilitates sedentary behavior and overeating. As a consequence, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes mellitus is predicted to increase dramatically over the coming years. Will developments in treatments be able to counteract the resulting impact on morbidity and mortality?
How Effective is Diabetes Management?
Published on: 4/16/2019
by AADE | Feb 13, 2019
by Leslie Kolb, RN, BSN, MBA, AADE Chief Science and Practice Officer

A new study from AADE, funded by The Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation, has shown just how effective diabetes self-management education and support (DSMES) can be when offered in a person-centered, team-based care setting. Participants in the study saw an A1C reduction of nearly 2%!
School Nurse Memo
Published on: 4/2/2019
Information for school nurses on the Salas Grant
Muscle Strength and Diabetes
Published on: 3/25/2019

AFP Relax News
Virginia Diabetes Council Awards 21 Grants for DPP.
Published on: 3/25/2019
The Virginia Diabetes Council, with funding from the Virginia Department of Health, has awarded $63,000 in grants for Diabetes Prevention Programs. The requests, which totaled over $125,000, were given to the following organizations:
Communities of Faith Playing a Role
Published on: 3/25/2019
A program that provides peer-to-peer health counseling applies U-M research in a faith-based setting. See how it’s helping parishioners in need.

Churches play a central role in many communities, a role that can include preaching the gospel of good health.
Landmark Study in Diabetes Care
Published on: 3/25/2019
Landmark Studies in Diabetes Care
Written by Ask Physician
February 28, 2019

Dr. Rita Kalyani, MD, MHS
In the past 25 years, several large research studies in persons with prediabetes and diabetes have led to a great deal of important, scientifically supported information. These studies have shown how to effectively prevent diabetes and its complications and how, in some persons with diabetes at high risk for cardiovascular disease, less intensive targets for blood glucose control may be safer. Some of the most important findings in diabetes prevention and blood glucose control are summarized here. This list does not include all studies to date but reveals those that have arguably had the greatest impact on the current management of diabetes.
21 Best Snacks
Published on: 3/25/2019
Choosing healthy snacks can be difficult when you have diabetes.

The key is to choose snacks that are high in fiber, protein and healthy fats. These nutrients will help keep your blood sugar levels under control.

It’s also important to snack on nutrient-dense foods that promote overall health.

This article discusses 21 excellent snacks to eat if you have diabetes.
Utilization and Spending Trends in Medicaid Outpatient Prescription Drugs
Published on: 3/5/2019
This analysis examines Medicaid outpatient prescription drug utilization in terms of prescriptions and spending before rebates over the 2014 to 2017 period.
Diabetic federal worker: I went to bed, hoped to wake up
Published on: 3/5/2019
Mallory Lorgre, a federal worker for the US Fish and Wildlife Service, is diabetic and needs insulin but said she couldn't face the medical costs with no end to the government shutdown in sight.
Grant Opportunity
Published on: 2/27/2019
New Grant Opportunity Seeks to Improve Prediabetes Recognition and Diabetes Prevention Strategies among African American and Hispanic Women.

January 30, 2019 (Washington, D.C.) – The American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM) is partnering with the American Medical Association (AMA) and Black Women’s Health Imperative (BWHI) to support the development of new approaches addressing prediabetes in populations at high risk for developing diabetes, including African American and Hispanic women.
National Diabetes Prevention Program Training
Published on: 2/21/2019
Are you providing a National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP)?
Are you interested in learning how to improve your program’s recruitment, retention and effectiveness?
Do you want to meet and talk with other National DPP providers from Virginia?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, we have the meeting for you!
Yoga and Diabetes
Published on: 2/14/2019
A blog post called, "Yoga to Ease Diabetes Symptoms" by VDC volunteer Denyse Le Fever.
Tamara's Story
Published on: 2/5/2019
At age 47, Tamara Simmons knew she needed a heart transplant for a congenital defect but when the doctors asked her lose weight to help her heart before surgery, she knew time was running out; her heart was working at 50% capacity. At her first visit, Dr. Jennifer Kirby from UVA told her she also had pre-diabetes. Tamara was shocked. As a child of eight, Tamara’s parents taught her never to use her heart condition as an excuse and now that she had pre-diabetes, she was determined not to feel sorry for herself.
Help Your SNAP Patients
Published on: 2/5/2019
February SNAP benefits are being issued early— on or before January 20th—because of the federal government shutdown. Encourage SNAP recipients “to space their food purchases throughout the month of February rather than making mass purchases”
Sign the Insulin Affordability Petition
Published on: 2/5/2019
Watch Kathy Sego tell her story to the US Senate Finance Committee Longtime ADA Advocate, Kathy Sego, testified before the United States Senate Finance Committee to raise awareness about the everyday reality of diabetes and share her family’s story about how insulin costs jeopardized her son Hunter’s life. If you weren’t able to tune in to watch Kathy tell her story in front of the Senate Finance Committee, you can watch the hearing recording here. Your advocacy and your voice is powerful–help us fight for life and awaken the world to the soaring cost of insulin.
Diabetes In Schools
Published on: 2/5/2019
The Diabetes Medical Management Plan is currently being updated and a supplemental guide and FAQ document is being created to assist school nurses in the usage of the form. This committee is also creating a resource guide to be posted on the website. Do you have a resource that you have found to be helpful?
Healthy Plates
Published on: 2/5/2019
The Institute for Family Health offers a high quality PDF of Healthy Plates to not-for-profit organizations.
Health Care Preference by Age
Published on: 2/5/2019
Advisory Board has created an infographic to demonstrate consumers Health Care Preferences by Age, check out how you may best market your services for different age groups.
Diabetes Is Primary
Published on: 2/5/2019
Coming to Richmond March 16, 2019 - Diabetes Is Primary is our educational program designed specifically for the primary care community. Earn up to 6.0 CE credits focused on prediabetes and type 2 diabetes prevention, psychosocial care for people with diabetes, and cardiovascular risk and treatment options, at one of our upcoming programs in your area. Registration is currently open.
Diabetes Prevention Program Funding Opportunity
Published on: 2/5/2019
Do you want to start a Diabetes Prevention Program but need funding? Do you want to market your existing program but just need some extra money for marketing efforts? Do you need money for providing incentives to your current diabetes prevention program participants? The Virginia Diabetes Council is providing funding to help qualifying organizations develop or sustain their diabetes prevention efforts.
Defeating the Deadly Double
Published on: 2/5/2019
A special Virginia Health Care Foundation initiative designed to reduce depression in diabetic patients has demonstrated great success in its first 8 months.
Deadly Double
Published on: 2/5/2019
The five participating health safety net (HSN) organizations have reviewed and adjusted their protocols, workflows, and procedures to better identify diabetic patients with depression and treat both diseases.
Save the Date
Published on: 2/5/2019
Upcoming Events: February 11 - April 26
Fresh New Look
Published on: 1/21/2019
In July of 2018, the Virginia Diabetes Council leadership decided it was time to re-imagine who they could be, and how they could best serve the diabetes communities of educators, professionals and patients across the Commonwealth. Learn more about their new branding, vision and messaging!
January 2019: General Assembly Update
Published on: 1/7/2019
Read the latest from the 2019 General Assembly session on January 8, 2019. This is a 45-day session or the “short” session.