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January 2019: General Assembly Update

Allison Throckmorton  | Published on 1/7/2019

The 2019 General Assembly session begins on January 8, 2019. This is a 45-day session or the “short” session. From reading the media reports and other tea leaves, I’m thinking that the session will focus on the budget amendments, of course, and how to deal with a revenue surplus, which appears to be mainly due to tax changes at the federal level. In addition, there will be much attention to whether Virginia will permit gambling in the form of opening casinos. Lots of new lobbyists have been hired to attend to both of these efforts.


On the health side, with Medicaid expansion underway, we’ll probably see some efforts to reform the Certificate of Public Need process and continued efforts to stem the opioid crisis. I have not seen any bills filed directly mentioning diabetes in the bill summary. To date, I have added these bills to our bill list:



Last action


HB 1661-Head- Health benefits; plans established by associations of employers, certain agricultural organizations.

(H)Committee on Commerce and Labor

(H) Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor


HB 1732-O'Quinn- School safety procedures; emergency situations, annual training.

(H)Committee on Education

(H) Referred to Committee on Education


HB 1847-Adams, D.M.- Wellness and Opportunity, Commission on; established, report.

(H) Referral Pending

(H) Committee Referral Pending


HB 1854-Rasoul- Education, Department of; workgroup on social and emotional learning.

(H) Referral Pending

(H) Committee Referral Pending


HB 1917-Stolle- DOC; Director to establish health care continuous quality improvement committee.

(H) Referral Pending

(H) Committee Referral Pending


SB 1027-Sturtevant- Health insurance; catastrophic health plans.

(S)Committee on Commerce and Labor

(S) Referred to Committee on Commerce and Labor



As you can see, I’ve added bills that would affect health insurance on the ACA (HB 1661 and SB 1027), school safety (HB1732 and HB 1854), and one on overall wellness (HB 1847).


More bills will be filed, as the filing date is not completed until January 18th. So look for additional information in next month’s newsletter.

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